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You can see below a selection of best logos from my logo design portfolio. All logos are based on original logo design ideas, no clip art used.


Bargain Tires USA - Custom Logo Design
Bargain Tires USANEW

Logo design for tire company based in USA
Inspiration : Graphic design of a tire, bold, strength
Style : Graphic logo design

C & E Lawncare &  Landscaping - Custom Logo Design
C & E Lawncare & Landscaping

Logo design for lawncare and landscape company
Inspiration : Abstract view of the grass in the moon light.
Style : Graphic logo design

Skydive Sunshine - Business Logo Design
Skydive Sunshine

Logo design for skydive company from Belgium
Inspiration : Skydiver with the parachutte, fun, adventure.
Style : Graphic logo design

Terra Care - Custom Logo Design
Terra Care

Logo design for lawn and landscape firm
Inspiration : Grass, leaf and snow flakes - a lawn and landscape firm for all the seasons.
Style : Graphic logo design

FlatTop Lawn Care - Business Logo Design
FlatTop Lawn Care

Logo design for US lawn care company
Inspiration : Friendly guy mowing the lawn under the shine of the sun.
Style : Graphic logo design